3LO – Anna

3lo anna

Anna is the latest release from producer group 3lo. Located in different states – Georgia and Florida respectively. The group was formed only two years ago but is already starting to create a name for themselves around the city of Atlanta. They’ve produced for budding musician Ric Wilson and remixed up and coming R&B songstress Rayvn Lenaes’s Free Room for Atlantic Records. While the three members all possess innately different musical talents and strengths they have been able to cultivate a solid yet diverse sound. Easily detected in their collection of music is the inspiration of different genres such as hip-hop, jazz and even electronic dance music.

Anna originally was a song created by Atlanta surf-rock band Lunar Vacation, staying true to the nature and creativity of 3lo, the group gave the single an entirely new and distinct sound. Heavily laced with synths the song is a compelling and certified dance-friendly track. The vocals, provided by Lunar Vacation’s frontwoman Grace switches from a wide and expansive sound, almost like an echo to a distorted chopped robotic nature. The song much like it’s group-mates is fun and experimental making room for more than just trap beats and redundant catchy hooks that the city of Atlanta has become known for.


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