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the aces

Good afternoon, everyone! I may be part of the (what I’m guessing) less that 10% of the population that is not feeling one way or the other about the Super Bowl. If you’re Monday is off to a slow start because of that extra beer or burger you enjoyed (and totally deserved, as well) last night, don’t fret! I bring you this BOP from The Aces – Fake Nice.

The Aces hail from Utah, and put in eight years of hard work before being signed by Red Bull Records in 2016. The band is composed of four bad ass ladies here to bring you pure pop with an electronic zing. There are a number of dope things that make this not just a bop but a super unique one; especially in the realm of female artists and bands. McKenna Petty and Alisa Ramirez introduce Fake Nice with a drum and bass combo that sounds like something out of the a 1950s movie. Cristal Ramirez on vocals glitters on this track, bringing something sultry and innocent to the table, but you can also hear a bit of rasp as she emphasizes lyrics in the bridge leading into the chorus. Her bubbly tone catches the lyrics in an ironic twist given their subject matter – fake friends. Katie Henderson on backup vocals and lead guitar brings everything about this eclectic group together with a polished and professional shine.

We’ve all been in the situation that Fake Nice so eloquently describes. Perhaps you don’t like the people you work with in the office, or maybe there’s that one person in your group of friends that just grinds your gears and rubs you the wrong way. Or, if you’re like me, just about everyone sucks and is Fake Nice (CALM DOWN, I’m joking… but only a little bit). My favorite lyric in the entire song hits heavily in the first verse: “yeah I could stay / Participate in the bullshit / or get out of here.” I’m with you, ladies. This Monday, I’m channeling the grace of this song, as well as it’s take-no-bullshit vibe. Get ready, second week of February, I am coming for you.

The first EP on Red Bull Records, entitled “I Don’t Like Being Honest” was released in 2017. You can catch them on the road through the Spring with a number of well renowned artists like COIN and X Ambassadors. You can also catch them at Firefly Festival, June 14 – 17 in Delaware this Summer. All tour and festival dates are on their website, click HERE to check it out!


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