Alex Vickery – Warmest Regards

Alex Vickery

Alex Vickery releases her debut single, Warmest Regards, a note to her ex who had the audacity to move on. The minimal, pop ballad showcases Alex’ velvet vocals on-top of casual guitar chords, saddened bass, fluttering melodies, and little drummer boy percussion.  The song take an emotional journey of that feeling when an ex moves on with someone else, taking the listener through superficial well-wishes to underlying bitterness.

Alex sent a quote along about her situation…

“Everyone wants to ‘win’ a breakup, and with social media, it’s really easy to start competing in terms of who cares less, who is living their best life and who has moved on the fastest. When someone sends their ‘best wishes’ or ‘warmest regards’ its such a generic greeting or sign off – so I wanted to explore the hurt simmering underneath the niceties we use when we’re trying to be the bigger person.”

The single was co-writen with Midian Mathers, who won a Grammy last year for her work on Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. The song was produced by Todd Spadafore (Little Big Town, Juelz Santana), and mixed by Michael Biancaniello (Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks).


Alex Vickery has been around the scene, writing love and social change songs for GRACE, K. Michelle, Becky Hill, Tayler Buono, Conrad Sewell, Mike Stud and Kiana Lede.

She continues…

“I write these beautiful love songs and protest songs for other people, and I think that’s so important for the world right now, so I try to put as much of that into my writing and into the universe as I can. But I think we also need to feel that even while the world is in turmoil politically and societally, its ok to have a self-indulgent outlet and still beupset about these micro-crises we all continue to have in our personal lives – like when your ex moves on.”

Alex is is a classically trained violinist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism majoring in Popular Music from Griffith University/Conservatorium of Music in Queensland, Australia.

Listen to Warmest Regards by Alex Vickery below.


Chris Stack

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