Alexander Lewis ft. Nick Row – Clockwise

Alexander Lewis Clockwise

Clockwise by Alexander Lewis ft. Nick Row

Am I the only person who misses Ludacris? I can’t be. Since the OG has been on a hiatus, I’ve had to supplement and look for that sound in other places. There is something about his voice that just… is SO catchy and gets me hyped. But alas, since he’s doing other things (like saving the world! The Ludacris Foundation empowers youth through education and works in community spaces to uplift families and help foster economic development. Woohoo!)

In his absence, I’ve improvised and explored some of the new hip-hop that’s been circling around recently. Let me introduce you to Clockwise by Alexander Lewis ft. Nick Row. This collab reminds me of some of the best of Ludacris circa 2009. Can’t hear it? It took me a couple times to figure out what about this song sounded so familiar. 0:45 – 1:10 is where I hear the most of Ludacris in Row’s metric and verbal accents. What does everyone else think?

In Clockwise, Alexander Lewis lays the groundwork for Nick Row to take the song to another level. Combine the brass elements of the beat and drop with the sound and flow that Nick Row spits, and we have a song that is a hybrid of the best of Ludacris and a hint of Bassnectars’ “Pink Elephants.” Alexander Lewis spent his early days dabbling in the NYC jazz scene, and he uses this experience to uplift his music and create a sound that is becoming a trademark sound of his.

Alexander Lewis is standing out as a trap DJ on the rise with the LA-based record label Lowly Palace. The soft slow build at the get-go of each song, emphasized later with slinky instrumentals and loud horns, makes him stand out from the crowd. Clockwise is no different in this sense, but the addition Nick Row makes for a straight banger. Lewis and Row are the best crime-fighting duo, if the crime is a trap music scene that is getting lost in similar sounding beats on tracks under auto-tuned female vocalists. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about a traditional trap jam, but this is a breath of fresh air Clockwise  not only expands Lewis’ repertoire, but is also a solid opportunity for Nick Row to continue his introduction into the hip-hop world.

Lewis is wrapping up some shows in the Midwest with SLUMBERJACK and KRANE. Dates / tickets can be found by clicking HERE. His upcoming EP (release date TBD) will feature Clockwise as well as other noticeable bangers, like March and Off Guard. You can listen to Nick Row’s first single, Light Beams, by clicking HERE.


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