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Music is storytelling. Alon Mor is one of the best storytellers I’ve heard in a long time. He is not a DJ or a producer. He is a modern day composer. I’m already on a tirade of looking out for new artists to blow up in 2018. Alon More makes that list for me. His newest album is Long Awaited Journey. It’s an album putting a new school touch on old school styles, with visions of leading full orchestras, changing the definition of “live” sets, and creating a fully immersive audiovisual experience that will trigger and activate all the human senses. And the release of his new album has been causing a stir amongst all sorts of artists across varying genres. Exhibit a, enter Kill The Noise, Rezz, and Herobust.

I’ve put the album ahead of my journey with it, so you can read along while listening to the album. The way I suggest you listen to this is in isolation or group of individuals down for a musical journy. The audio journey requires focus. Sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine or two, sit back and listen. If you have good headphones, I suggest you use them. Try and imagine a visual scenario wherever the music is taking you. For example, start off on a ship sailing the 7 seas, and let the music create the rest of the story. It’s also good for working and studying!

Here’s where this album took my story. I wrote this entire story while I was listening. I added some general musical comments of mine in bold, under the song titles. I stopped doing those because I got so engrained in the story of my journey with Long Awaited Journey.


El Despertar

Such a beautiful build, both in harmony and melody. The melody starts off bright then turns ominous. Super wide ambiance that sounds tangible. A lot of his sounds sound like you can feel them with your fingers.

My story starts on a boat. I just woke up and walked outside. The whole world is in front of me, I have my crew around me, and I’m noticing all the beauty around me. Soon, I see dark clouds forming in the distance. I head down, get some breakfast, and notice the thunder is getting louder in the meanwhile.


The contrast between light and dark on this track is apparent. Maybe the title is an ode to bipolar mania. On the sound side of things, the drums sound like war drums during some dark periods in time.

I’m happily eating breakfast. A crew member aggressively approaches me and starts yelling. It’s early, so my head is a bit fuzzy and I can’t quite comprehend. I make a confused face, and he continues yelling at me. All of a sudden…BOOM! We’re hit and everything starts collapsing around the crew and me. Then, everything freezes. Myself and the crew are suspended in midair. We start thinking about how unreal this feels, being suspended in midair. This entire phenomenon is starting to become supernatural, and there’s as a green aurora all around us. ZIP – we start moving upwards. Ahhhhhhh! All I think is that we’re in a blackhole, or some sort of alien mechanism hurling us towards another dimension. I blackout and quickly wake up in a lush, green field surrounded by my crew. It’s beautiful all around me: trees with fruits hanging, birds chirping, the sun, apps that I grow to love, free money everywhere, healthy McDonals, and hills for miles away. In the distance, there is one building that we can see. It’s a castle. We start walking towards it because, why not?


Let this song build for the first 3 minutes. WOW – that sound design is unreal. It actually feels like slime.

The journey is long, and most of us are slightly confused as to where we’ve landed. No one is lost, I’m still here with the crew. No directions were given after the abrupt blackhole, so we played the card we were handed, and walked towards the only sign of civilization that we could see. The grass is less green as we get closer and closer to the castle. We notice the atrocity and keep walking.  We hear a horn coming from the castle. A sign of humanity. Night approaches, and silence creeps in. Luminescent eyes start appearing, and we realize we’re not alone. The ground starts turning to a waterbed like substance. Most of us trip and slide into the pockets because it’s really hard to walk on waterbeds. “This is not the world we came from,” I thought. Mammal like creatures seem to be flying around us. Like, way too big to have wings and glide through the air. Not harming us (thank god), just passing by. The ground has really taken it’s tole on me, as I continue struggling trying to walk on a waterbed. I look around, and see that the others have given up, They are just lying there. I follow suite.  Then this strange looking giant beaver starts jumping up and down on the ground, causing more and more chaos. The beaver leaves, and I can finally relax a bit.

The night is somewhat peaceful with an ambiance you can feel on your skin. I fall asleep – for a bit. Still unsettled at the current situation. I jolt awake, to another giant beaver jumping around on the waterbed-like ground. This time it’s a MUCH bigger beaver, so some of us are flung throughout the kingdom. I am flung closest to the castle, where the ground is more stable and the sky is bright. It seems to be morning, and the castle is surrounded by a village, operating like normal. My anxiety rises as I approach the castle. I am comforted by the festive scene around me; I see a crying old lady. Looked sad, but decided not to mettle in her personal life. I continue moving towards the castle.


As I approach the castle doors, I am met by a giant butterfly who can speak my language. The animal was quite spectacular looking; colors I hadn’t seen before. The butterfly assures me not to worry, and starts asking me about myself. I was told not to worry, and that all questions would be answered shortly. I continue probing because I don’t know where I am, so I’m freakin out a bit. The butterfly seems annoyed at my probing. The butterfly starts acting a bit more dismissive, but I still felt I should continue following. We reach the castle gates, and we pause. “Just a second,” says the butterfly.

Holly’s Necklace

Super creepy distorted voices along with driving synths and heavy percussion.

A woman comes out of the smaller castle, she say’s her name is Holly and says “Let’s do something crazy tonight.” I’m all in at this point, I guess. I AM here, so I might as well make the best of it.  She leads me to her car, and we head off. We’re driving along a highway, not speaking. Each time I ask for an explanation, she just repeats the same thing, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, you’ll understand soon.” She asks me if I like going fast. I reply, “kinda.” She puts the petal to the metal, my body jerks forward, the seatbelt locks, and we start bursting along this highway at 200 MPH. There’s nothing I can concentrate on aside from, “dam, we’re going fast.” She slows down, and we finally reach an exit that lead to a massive opening. The sign reads, “Terrain Park.” We don’t exit the car. I’m getting the sense this is a terrain park for cars. AHHHHHHHH we start going off jumps, hitting, loop-de-loops, grinding on trucks, jumping over houses. The terrain park finally ends and we continue driving along.

Late Night Skyline

My heart continues to thump after that insane experience. Holly continues driving, ignoring my strong desire to understand, “why?” I’m a prisoner in another dimension at this point, so I’m not certain what I can trust. Holly seems powerful, and listening to her seems like the right thing to do…for now. We finally park and get out of the car.

We reach a maze, and Holly runs through the entrance. I follow her because I love mazes too. The whole maze situation is another layer of confusion in this already confusing place. We’re walking through the maze, and it’s getting late. The ground is getting that waterbed feel. Not only do I have to traverse this maze, but there’s also another layer of the wobbling ground. The ground begins to sink more and more, like REALLY DEEP. Much deeper than the last waterbed depth. Tt’s impossible to move. I start sinking deep into the meshy earth. I give up and sink in. Holly grabs me, and pulls me back up. Coming up was a slow rewinding effect, it felt similar to the blackhole. We’re back to normal, continuing our walk through the maze. She stopped me when we got to this orange circular object and said, “Don’t hit the gleblegorfs, or else you sink.” I didn’t know I hit one in the first place, I must have missed it. This made me trust her more. We continue onward. As we walked, I saw more gleblegorfs, and there were vines growing over, through, and around the maze, moving in random directions, disrupting our path to the final. We finally get out, a sense of euphoria sinks in. I’m so tired, so I pass out and go to sleep. Holly allows it.

Early Morning Winds

I wake up on the side of the highway for some reason. Holly has set up breakfast outside the car with a canopy and everything. “Wow, this place seems normal when convenient,” I thought. We begin eating Grapefuits and hard-boiled eggs. YUM! It was my first meal for an entire day, so I wasn’t picky. I was famished, in fact. I can’t concentrate on anything else, aside from the enjoyment of food. I get full and we continue to sit there to let the meal digest. I start to worry about the fact that I just went to another dimension. It’s never happened to me, and I always though I’d be ripped to shreds rather than treated nicely. I start thinking about my family, and if I’d ever see them again, Holly says “Hey, your family is safe and they’ll see you again.” That made me feel better, and it made me trust her more. We get back in the car and drive off.

The Midelar

I’m going to have to mark this as one of my favorite songs in 2018. This song is so freakin’ good. Reminds me of when I was obsessed with Maggot Bain by Funkadelic. Both 10 minutes of a freakin emotional journey; however, Midelar’s sound production is unlike anything I’ve heard before. The sounds are sending me tingling frequencies, reminding me of ASMR.

Holly starts talking to me about something she’s done, something she created. She wanted to get my opinion on it. She keeps mentioning “what she’s done” and worries if she can “look back and smile.” I asked her, “what did you do?” She says, “I’ll show you.” She takes me to these enormous doors. The sign reads, “My Masterpiece.” We drive in, and the place is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Layers upon layers of rolling mountains, with different color flowers, trees, wildlife flourishing everywhere, and two enormous lakes with what seemed to be a pathway leading between them.

We pass through the walkway between two lakes. It’s getting fairly thin, and the water looks super dark, creatures swimming underneath. They looked big. We finally get across, and were on what appears to be a mountainous-lake area. It’s beautiful around me, and big. Then I notice something enormous coming through the ground.

An physical entity that I couldn’t even describe the shape of, made from the buildings, lakes, and animals surrounding the earth around us. It started taking a more familiar giant human form to help me visualize a bit more. A giant human made of the earth. Gravity was muuuch different here. The size along I couldn’t handle, but the sounds it was making and the parts that made it whole where unlike anything I’ve ever seen, felt, and, most importantly to finish the sound metaphor, heard.

It began to walked away, towards a sunset, taking the threat away of this monstrosity attacking us. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, moving in a fluid manner towards one of the lakes. I had to take a second to breath for a bit; not knowing what I was looking at. Though, I knew it was the most beautiful thing I ever sensed. The creature started heading towards the water.

The giant earth monster jumped in and started swimming. The noise it made while swimming was immense.  It got out, and sat along the lake shore, drying off, looking out towards the sun.

Holly asked me, “So, what do you think?” I responded, “ughhhhhhhh, what’s the highest score I can give?” She was happy, and all of a sudden, she seemed more confident. A sparkle in her eye and smile on her face that could only be pride. And it was well deserved. Look at that thing!

Tyche’s Singing

We continue staring at Holly’s creation. The size and presence was undeniable. I still couldn’t believe it. It was time for Holly to show us more. She asked me if I knew what this was? Why we are here? Why are we doing the things we’re doing? Making me feel utterly confused and uncertain, I felt like she was getting a bit too philosophical. Searching for an answer that might be be there. She came back, feeling there might be AN answer, but it’s more about where you’re going next. There was more she wanted to show me.

Molly brought me to a house along the lake. She let me rest a bit, and eventually woke me up. She told me she wanted to get crazy tonight. I was like “UGHHHHHH again?” implying I was quite crazed out for the day. But I was totally down and trusting of where she’d take me next. I completely trusted her at this point.

Los Recuerdos

We start walking through a field. It’s raining, so we can’t see far. It stops raining, and the fog clears. There was a magical entrance way with a variety of trees with fruits galore. Communities of people creatures I’ve never seen before dancing all over the place, THRIVING and having fun. It was like a music festival meets a petting zoo with independent animals and they sky was filled with docile aquarium creatures. We start enjoying ourselves, dancing, eating anything we desired, all the creatures had the friendliest demeanor. The music was unlike anything I heard and the visual storytelling was unlike anything I witnessed. There were so many extracurricular activities, even Holly throws down a killer set with her enormous earth creation. It was pure joy. The floor started getting wobbly again, but I wasn’t scared.

The night came to a close. The acts finished up, and we leave. It’s sad that the fun came to an end. We quickly start reminiscing, remembering again how GREAT that night was. We started reminiscing and sharing crazy videos we took, n pics n moments n stuff. We start driving again. We drive for quite sometime. A thought started creeping in. A thought that that this magical journey was about to end. Sadness, realization, what is life, depressed, you just wanna sleep and not do things. AHHHHHHHH I HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES . Eh whatever, that’s life I guess. Just gotta be happy, buuuuuut what if I hopped off that bridge?!?! I point to a bridge. Think for a second, things get really dark – no resolution! “Few that got dark at the end,” the narrator thought to himself.

Halpfire Harmonies

We show up to the place where it all began. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. A rumbling: “Ahhhhhh I’m getting sucked back up through the blackhole.” “Ahhhh why is time travel such a hassle!?!? Huge buildup scene of me getting sucked back to reality. Things go quiet again. I’m stuck, waiting for the blackhole’s next move. Holly appears and says, “dreams and reality are the same thing.” I land back on my boat with the crew around me looking just as puzzled. Holly’s voice in the distance shouts, “Go and live your long awaited journey, go on without me.” I get the sense of pure and utter confusion of what just happened, distress that it’s over, and resolve that it’s past. A grand finale to one of the craziest, most immense journeys I’ve been on. I take a breath and understand that I have another one to be on. I head home.

That was pretty fun, I must say. It makes me appreciate the album in its entirety, and it’s fun to do if you like to tell stories or create things 🙂

Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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