alxxa – body

alxxa body

Alxxa releases the title track off her upcoming EP, Body. The track is a sensual representation of sounds that ebb and flow like the curves of a body. This demonstrates a physical, almost tangible, harmony to the song. Props to the producer for evoking the lyrics so well.

Alex Saad aka alxxa, is an electro-pop, future R&B artist whose been crushing it recently. I loved her last single, icy love. She’s currently ranked in the #3 spot on Human Human, an early artist detection platform for hot upcoming musicians. Her dynamic production, infectious harmonies, and catchy melodies are paramount for her recent success.

The LA-based artist played piano when she was younger. She intended to go into science and medicine, studying physics while at college. She eventually was able to combine her love for music with physics by using her math brain to create. This explains the dynamic movement in her tracks.

Body EP is set to drop this Friday, March the 23rd. The EP is set to look into the physical attributes of another person while exploring the beginning stages of love and personal addiction. I see alxxa’s music as future-pop with the creating of a much, more dynamic production value than your regular pop songs. This means the percussion elements change at each part. Take a critical listen to hear what I’m hearing.


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