Andrew Belle – Down

Andrew Belle

Fall and root yourself into the music of singer-songwriter Andrew Belle. His latest single Down has the message of keeping your head up, and staying afloat and elevated while taking chances because, in the end, you can wind up with the most. A naturally born musician who’s hard working and gifted, Andrew Belle has his third album awaiting our fingertips and karaoke lips. This coming August look out for the highly anticipated musical memento, Dive Deep.

Originally from Chicago, Andrew has recently moved with his family to Los Angeles, a big move but a life on the west coast was one he and his wife yearned for. The song Down talks about not looking down when taking chances nor giving up. This song and past musical gems like Black Bear‘s Many Lives have showcased Belle’s passionate and sentimental writing styles. He has this skill at journaling deep and thoughtful lyrics with a charming and endearing melody to top it all off. And that’s what makes good music, not all the hoopla effects but the sensibility of a song. His music may not be categorized in the genre of soul music, but this man has all the soul, soul music requires. When you feel what another person is feeling, or when you understand a point they are trying to make just through music, that’s communication at its finest.

Kicking off in San Francisco on September 12 Andrew Belle brings his Dive Deep Fall Tour and we couldn’t be any more excited for it. In an industry dominated by flashing lights and gimmicks, in the midst of it all is an authentic and touching talent. The way he writes is honest and real and actually very poetic. A simple caption from this man under a photo on his social media can have your eyes watery. Down has the makings of a Hollywood movie montage that could stick to your heart and it’s just what we look for when in the need of inspiration.

A husband, a father and blessed creator Andrew Belle the shining songsmith is sharing his music and personal feelings with us, this is his heart, dive deep.

Check out the inspirational single Down, below!

For more information on tickets for the Dive Deep Tour, click here.


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