Anggun’s Global Success Keeps Her Extremely Humble

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Brilliantly in touch with the true essence and purpose of music and its flow.

Born in Jakarta, Anggun holds onto a name that remains unforgettable in the hearts of millions of fans and followers. Her full name Anggun Cipta Sasmi means “A grace born out of a dream”. She was far from being the first in the family to enjoy music success. Her , Darto Singo drew huge crowds not only as a singer but producer in Indonesia.

Being so close to music was the invitation

It took absolutely nothing to convince Anggun to grow within the ranks of creative energy. At seven years in age she put together a debut album filled with children’s song. By twelve her Rock roots fully influenced she released Dunia Aku Punya. The collection of songs totally blew away music lovers making her a giant attraction in East Asia.

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