Anoraak – Black Gold Sun EP

Anoraak - Black Gold Sun EP

French Synthwave artist Anoraak has gratified our retro sweet tooth with his latest musical formulation, Black Gold Sun EP.  A sweet electronic nostalgic symphonic 80s tonic, that will have you taking out the crop tops, leather jackets, cross earrings and hair spray within minutes of hearing it. Five stellar songs of synthpop enchantment with a Maethelvin Remix of the leading track Evolve ft Lydmor. Anoraak has mastered the key to catching that retro sound while also keeping true to the essence of today’s electronic intonations.  Black Gold Sun EP is perfect for the 80s loving, electronic worshipping, synth obsessing music militant living among us. And that’s because Anoraak knows the 80s, electronic music, and synthwave really well, he knows music in general really well and it shows. Kicking things off with the aid of the art popping, singer-songwriter producer, Lydmor, Black Gold Sun illuminates. Lydmor’s caroling on Evolve has the excitement, precision, and confidence you would find on any hit from the iconic 80’s era. She couldn’t have had a hard time singing to Anoraak’s righteous instrumentals because the fusion of her vocals tide with his bodacious extensions is spot on.

Sitting here listening to the EP you feel as if you’ve just walked on the set of A Miami Vice episode or a Phil Collins music video. Now, whats better than that! well, maybe Black Gold Sun plus free food could better than that. But Anoraak isn’t giving away free food he did something cooler, with the release of Black Gold Sun he also released audio cassette tapes of the EP, making it an all around schweet new music discovery. This basket of shanty treats makes you just want to hang out with him in the studio as he records what should be described as a blockbuster of a record. Outcome is that one song you start over before it even finishes because you can’t wait to hear it again. A diamond charm on a new retrowave necklace, that sparkles in wonder. It’s a good product and it carries this winning, top of the list essence that lays comfortably in the heart of the EP. As the record goes on you picture more and more images and moments in your mind. The sizzles of a west coast beach surrounding a jock lowering his ray bans to witness the blonde bikini beauty rollerblading, all succumb to the wills of your imagination.

Skyline has the aesthetic of an 80s classic. It possesses some of that great hypotonic instrumental bits and pieces that are reminiscent of Tangerine Dream’s Love on a real train. It tugs at the 80’s wistfulness and electronic fixation, that our musical radars detect instantly. If you needed someone to make the music to the soundtrack of your life may I suggest Anoraak? The Endless Summer Music artist has been trotting the globe and leaving his mark. This past Saturday Anoraak took the stage at the Miami Vice Party in Madrid, Spain, and killed it at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York on July the seventh. You wanna know how to do Retrowave right? ask him. Anoraak’s Sunset playlist on Spotify is a pure example of synth salutations and we can’t get enough. So grab your Nightdrive With You t-shirts and snag a ticket to the Gold Room High Seas Boat Tour coming in October because Anoraak will be there laying down the illin’ beats and the sick stylings of Black Gold Sun. He did a great job on this EP and rBeatz is excited to hear more, much more!



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