Berner ft Teeflii, E-40, & Too Short – Busy Body (Prod. Scott Storch)

Berner taylor gang

Cannabis entrepreneur and Taylor Gang rapper Berner is back with a bouncy upbeat yet also laid-back track featuring an all California cast made up of Valejo’s E-40, Oakland’s Too Short, and LA’s TeeFlii on the hook from his newest album The Big Pescado produced entirely by Scott Storch.

TeeFlii’s crooning hook and chorus to Busy Body are light, airy, contagious, infectious, and dizzying all at once, “She’s so dangerous, yeah, she’s so dangerous, bounce with it, get it, get it” while Berner discusses macking a particularly dangerous woman in a particularly neat verse with his slick delivery.

E-40 sounds witty, but also to the point, juggling words with ease as he usually does, “You the best, you doin’ numbers like an SAT test,” while Too Short comes through with a classic verse shining and soaring all over Storch’s mesmerizing and intoxicating instrumental. Implementing his classic delivery, a West Coast drawl, “She gon’ change her attitude up quick!”

Exciting to see all of these artists working together as their chemistry is definitely a great mix.

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