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Best Behavior Say

Best Behavior may just be the hottest Brooklyn band that you’ve never heard of, but the time is now to change that. They are preparing for a big Fall season this year when they release their new E.P. Things That Happen, and with producer Justin Gerrish (of Vampire Weekend fame) working on their mixes, they will no doubt turn some heads.

They are starting their charge into Autumn right now with today’s release of their new record’s first single Say, and as someone who’s heard it and two of the other songs off the E.P., I can tell you that it’s phenomenal listening.

“All our songs come from a genuine place and a personal experience. Every so often you meet someone who totally takes over your world. It feels like you get caught in this riptide of emotion. And the thing about the insanity of love/lust is that all these red flags will be glaring you in the face, and you see right through them. For some reason knowing a person is truly horrible for your life makes them incredibly attractive,” said Best Behavior lead singer Alex Gruenburg of his band’s new track.

To follow up their single release, Best Behavior is hitting the road for a 16-date tour down the Eastern seaboard with a few Midwest stops thrown in. Look for this dynamic four-piece near your hometown over the next two weeks.

Jeff Schaer-Moses

Jeff Moses is an experienced music journalist with more than 1,000 bylines under his belt nationwide. From the world's biggest rock stars to underground musicians living in your very own backyard he has interviewed them all with clarity and integrity. While some people think a great story needs a little journalistic spin, Jeff believes the best stories tend to tell themselves. For him covering big festivals is always big fun, but finding that band that is a diamond in the rough just itching to get their tunes out there is the greatest thrill in life.

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