Tina Tuesdays: Black Honey – Somebody Better

Black Honey Somebody Better

Great song from UK’s Black Honey,  a relatively new band from Brighton, UK. Known for its 1960’s mod culture and great vintage style, Brighton is a cool seaside town where Londoners love to escape. Black Honey’s sound fits right into that vibe.

Somebody Better has a metal/grunge/Britpop feel. The raw guitar harmonies and happy melodies make you want to go on a California road trip in a 1960’s Chevrolet. Dreamy California- inspired lyrics, sung by bottle-blonde bombshell Izzy Baxter sends us on a road trip into the past.

Black Honey is definitely a band to watch. The “1960’s meets 1990’s” sound seems to be what young European bands are going for at the moment. I absolutely love that direction. Stay tuned as I find more cool, young hipsters from around the globe.

Miss Tina X

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