Black Saint – Never Did This Before

Never Did This Before Black Saint

Keeping the feel good vibes of house music alive with an original modern twist, Black Saint blesses our dance playlists with their new single Never Did This Before. Along for the ride, with the sultry rasp vocal, Irish singer/songwriter Ruth-Anne Cunningham slays with a confident delivery as the boys purr that groove soul house engine. Dance and shuffle your boogie loving feet to this jungle fluting two-step as Black Saint presents their old school influenced bona fide sound.

Three gentlemen from London, England with a love for music and a respect for the craft. Blending their roots in soul, rock, hip-hop, and dance to today’s underground sound, Black Saint formulate what we hear now as a solid and fresh run-after. The Caribbean and West Indian dispersion played a big role in their development as well and all it shows in Black Saints need to dance to beats.

They’re all about the music, not the hoopla. Integrity is the key word with Black Saint and in their music making process. “Respecting the integrity of music is paramount, as it has the potential to positively or negatively inspire and shape lives”(said by Black Saint). What you give you get back in the universe, and you only get out what you put in. And as far as quality, why not be sincere when creating art? Aim to effect a genuine and positive change in people by being real. And that’s exactly what Black Saint is all about.

Off of Tiger Milk, Black Saint lands on playlists left and right. From Soundcloud to iTunes, to Spotify, the lads are simmering and warming up their more than likely fortunate career, and it all starts with the fans.  Today’s young artists are using different ways to connect to their fans, and share parts of who they are. Growing Up playlist on Spotify is a collection of artist and tracks the boys grew up listening to who heavily influences their sound today. Ranging from Michael Jackon, Oasis, A tribe called Quest and Queen Black Saints tastes stretches. Check out The Caveman Sound mixtape by the boys, it’s a good example of what more, Black Saint sound like. Last year Could You Love Me killed it with millions of streams and a remix Ep released this year, so whats next? It’s safe to say Never Did this Before will take them further on their grunge house road and you all should pay close attention.

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