Blastoyz – Mandala


Blastoyz is a producer/DJ from Tel-Aviv, Israel. His new single is Mandala, is now on OuiGlobalRadio. I’m loving the cinematic ambiance versus the insane, dance party contrast. A mandala represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. This song is certainly large, taking it’s listeners to a different universe.

Kobi Nigreker aka Blastoyz grew up in a small village outside of Tel-Aviv. His life journey into music started at 9 years old. That’s when he discovered trance music and began producing music. When he was 13, he started DJing, which gravitated his music tastes more into alternative and house music. Trance was always his first love. The genre’s Blastoyz gravitates to are Goa and Psytrance.

His career was a sidetracked a bit after serving in the Israeli Defence Force. At the end of 2012, he was released from duty and crawled right back into music. 

In 2013, he released his second EP with EDM label, SectionZ. This marked the beginning of Blastoyz tour life due to the influx of performance requests after the EP drop.

This is one of many releases for Blastoyz this year. He has an official remix slated for Vini Vici & Coming Soon of their single, Mad. He mentioned on his Soundcloud to “repost if I want some more,” so I’ll take this as me letting Blastoyz know that I want some more.

Click HERE to catch Blastoyz on OuiGlobalRadio


Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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