Bolier ft. Roya – One Of Them Nights

boiler one of them nights

Boiler releases One Of Them Nights featuring Roya. I’m loving the dancehall vocals on this in front of a minimal soca beat. “Ain’t nobody do it the way that we DO, everybody watching as we come THROUGH.” The cadence of those lyrics have been stuck in my head for the day. This song is perfect for the club, car rides, late night, or pregames. Any party or elevation scenario as Roya’s vocals really take the energy up. Boiler does a nice job in producing a dynamic drum arrangement behind the vocals to match the energy harmony.

Roya has some sass behind her, creating an authentic, dancefloor vibe. The pop spin on the track really makes this perfect for remixing, seeing as Boiler has already released a remix of his own.

Bolier is a Dutch DJ and producer who also goes by BLR. He used to be a trance producer; however, he’s been changing his production styles with the times. He’s got many genre alter egos.

In 2016, Boiler dropped a Bob Marley remix of Is This Love with LVNDSCAPE that has amassed nearly 100 million streams on Spotify.  He is also responsible for an official remix for Martain Garrix and David Guetta’s So Far Away. He’s got a powerful start to 2018, so I’m interested to hear what he comes up with next.

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