Brockhampton – Stains (Whethan Bootleg)

whethan brockhampton

The first twenty seconds of this song is like waking up and realizing you’re in a strange wonderland. There’s something mildly whimsical about how this beat builds; a tentative introduction by Whethan into his world… Slowly opening your eyes and realizing he’s about to throw you into a rabbit hole that starts promptly at 0:20. And dooooowwwnnn we go!

It’s almost a deceptive start. One would think from the intro that Whethan’s beat would compliment something a bit more upbeat, but instead, it creates something upbeat. This is certainly no head banger, but I’m also not falling asleep standing up over here. Brockhampton’s Stains smoothly slides over this new backdrop and makes itself comfortable atop the youthful and consistent beat that subtly supports each voice as they make their debut. This bootleg is textured; the layers of different sounds — from the brass-esque sound (imagining strange woodland creatures playing symbols? Me too) brought in my Whethan, to the buttery voices of Brockhampton, doesn’t seem like it should make sense. But, oddly, it does. There is an added sense of urgency to the original lyrics, creating a dynamic that is almost like the two are dueling, but just for fun.

This is the song you wake up or wind down to on your way to work… perhaps it will ease the pain of rush hour traffic. But, close your eyes when you listen (if you’re riding, not driving! Don’t close your eyes while driving, that’s bad) and let your mind wander… I guarantee within 20 seconds you’ll be ready to jump down whatever rabbit hole you find yourself standing in front of.

Whethan has a new single, high, with pop-superstar Dua Lipa, coming out February 9th.


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