Bülow – This Is Not A Love Song

17-year old up-and-coming artist Bülow brings her brand of electro-pop and EDM music to audiences with her new single release, This Is Not A Love Song.

The songstress grew up in 5 different countries including Canada, Germany, the UK, the US, and is now finishing her years in high-school in the Netherlands.  Bülow was discovered at a summer camp in 2016, and has since then crafted many sweet and haunting melodies, while quickly building a rapport between her and such young writers and producers like Lowell, Nate J, Mike Wise, Kevin Figs, and more.

This Is Not A Love Song is an emotive and powerful, catchy single filled with an upbeat and dynamic sound.  The charming sound is trance-inducing as well as infectious.  This playful track also harnesses a haunting cadence.

On this charming single that really goes to tell you how it is, the scintillating electronic beats, soaring synths, and layered vocals all pave the way to a driven sound produced by this extremely talented artist.

Bülow has just released her debut EP, Damaged Vol. 1, taking the world by storm with her startling lyrics and refreshing vocals.

Be sure you have a listen to This Is Not A Love Song today!


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