Calvin Harris – Feels


Calvin Harris is back with his brand new single, Feels.  Feels features the vocals of Pharrell, Katy Perry, and Big Sean.  Each artist brings to the table their own unique styles and intuitive backing to make Feels the dynamic, all out summer vibe it has.

The single starts out on a wonky note, filled with a funky twist.  The music video opens up in a magical setting, paved with sonic and vibrant colors.  Pharrell adds a refreshing funky vibe to the track, belting out his vocals on a rowboat in the middle of an arctic backdrop, while Katy Perry embraces the groovy tunes to the track as she quickly executes her harmonies in sure-fire succession, also adding to the overall vibrancy of the track.

Pharrell’s vocals definitely stand out here, as he solidifies himself as the underlying foundation to the single.  Katy Perry accompanies him, revving in as support with her flirtatious and melodious vocals.  Big Sean adds in his easy-going manner to the trio with his relaxed sense of rapping style.  The tropical and island connections to the track definitely does not delineate from the great summer-loving vibe coming from this single.

Overall, an enticing, fun-loving track, Feels will definitely ignite playlists all summer long.


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