Cassie Marin – Compare

cassie marin compare

Cassie Marin recently released her new EP, S.O.S, combining unique percussive arrangements with vocal elements of R&B and soul. My favorite song song off the EP is Compare. It’s the leading single off the EP. The minimal arrangement combined with an authentic candor create a comforting space for easy listening. Cassie Marin’s voice is captivating. She’s raw, making it clear in her lyrics that she’s not trying to be anything else – she’s giving the listener all of her. An artist at her truest self.

Cassie Marin is also going for a sense of nostalgia, using a sampling of sounds that are reminiscent of a times past. Cassie’s debut album came out last year. It’s called Plastique Days and showcased more of a pop vibe with Cassie’s soulful voice. She’s a brand-new artist on the come-up. I could hear Cassie’s voice on a big time pop song in 2018; just hoping producers reach out to her and fit her authentic vibe 🙂

Cassie Marin is from Miami, Florida.

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