Castelle – We Don’t Need To Dance (feat. Nic Hanson)

castelle nic hanson

Castelle releases We Don’t Need To Dance with one of my favorite singers in New York City, Nic Hanson. There is simply so much soul in the track, from Nic’s voice, to the jazzy high hats, to the flutatious melodies. The hook shows off Nic Hanson’s vocal range in front of a groovy bass line.

Sometimes, I let Soundcloud run through whatever they’re playing next. This is a method of discovery that’s satisfying because I feel it’s somewhat random and easier to find gold FIRST. Who doesn’t like bragging to their friends in college, “Ohhhhh I was listening to Asher Roth wayyyy before I Love College.” I’m not THAT abrupt about it now, but finding something FIRST is something at the hearts of what I’d like to think “music discoverists” are. I didn’t find this song FIRST, but I found it, and it’s new, and I got immediately hyped enough to write about it, and I know what run-on sentences are.

Castelle is a Detroit artist giving us a taste for is his Polychromatic EP set for 20th of April.

Nic Hanson is part of ZiG, a New York collective of NYU music graduates. They’re super funky, and talented. Nic Hanson’s voice is SO SOULFUL.

Listen to We Don’t Need To Dance by Castelle featuring Nic Hanson below.

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