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Caswell Animal

I’m a sucker for amazing vocals – I grew up listening to irish folk music (not by choice), but I’ve grown to love folk music. Caswell has a bit of a folk arrangement in this with a soulful voice that put me into a trance. The voice also does well with minimal instrumentation, which I’d consider an ode to the producer, Hugh Fothergill, for working around those wet vocals.

Caswell’s influences on the song are from Kate Bush, Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone to Björk and Erykah Badu. Being such a fan of these big names, Caswell want’s their vibe to live on!

I’ve really be into rich, down-tempo, electronic soul, with a tinge of jazz recently. Sometimes we’re not all about the dance culture here at rBeatz. Music is also great for relaxing and appreciating the beautiful melodies and arrangements.

As we always mention, we love it when artists provide a quote…

On what influences her to create:

“I draw from my own personal experiences,” says Caswell. “I find that’s when I really need to write. It’s very much a form of catharsis for me and I like having created something positive like a song out of something negative that has happened in my life. Sometimes it helps me find closure and listening back to songs is like seeing the little milestones of my life.”

Caswell grew up surrounded by music in her hometown of  Tulse Hill in South London. Her mother is a former punk-rocker and is now a vinyl dealer, so we HOPE she’d have a good ear for music. We even hear a bit of the vinyl record going in the background of Animal. Her godfather worked as a buyer for HMV, a public entertainment retailing company. She taught herself piano and ended up attending the prestigious BRIT School in her teens.

Caswell on cultivating the soul – indirectly on the importance of the music SPACE!

“When you listen to a record, especially these days, everything’s been tweaked, second guessed and overthought to a point where sometimes the soul is lost. Although live will never sound as perfect, it’s an opportunity to properly connect to the rawness of the song and the artist.”



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