Cautious Clay – Stolen Moments

cautious clay moments

Cautious Clay releases Stolen Moments, an acoustic, soul ballad intended to round out his successful Blood Type EP.  The single contains Cautious’ vocals on top of a casual guitar. Eventually, minimal percussions come in; however, the song is meant to highlight Cautious Clay’s songwriting and tone abilities.

The singer/songwriter grew up in Cleveland, spent time in Washington DC, and currently lives in Brooklyn. I found his Fader interview fairly insightful, really giving an in-depth look at the musician’s upbringing and current status within the music industry. I found his stream of consciousness songwriting process interesting. This, to me, makes for an authentic lyric vibe, crafting directly from the mind to the music. Of course there some editing here and there, but the foundation is authentic thought.

Stolen Moments is perfect for getting time back, being alone, contemplating life, a table for one, casual listening, aquariums, crying, day chillin, insomnia, imputing data, and showing your friends you have good taste in new music.


Listen to Stolen Moments by Cautious Clay below.

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