CloZee -Black Panther (Cloudchord Remix)


For the life of me, I cannot figure out Tuesday’s. Seriously. Unlike on Monday, when most of us get to “celebrate” our return to work, or Wednesday, where we actually get to celebrate the week being half-done (hump DAY!), or Thirsty Thursday, or it’s Friday!!!,” Tuesday is just…here. And that kinda bums me out. So I say, let’s make Tuesday’s whatever we want it to be!

This week, Austin based guitarist, DJ and Producer Cloudchord brings us a remix of Black Panther (2017 from the album “Harmony”) by Toulouse based artist CloZee aka Chloé Herry. The dreamy, uplifting Black Panther (CloudchordRemix), a brand new release from Cloudchord’s Harmony Remixes package, caught my attention immediately. CloZee’s original showcases her unique ability to create a simple, beautifully haunting sound that made me feel as if I was out in the woods, listening to nature sing. With a pan flute and other “non-traditional” instruments overlapping the heavily synth laced beat, this track take you to dreamland in a heartbeat.

Enter the Cloudchord remix. Cloudchord pays homage to the original by using CloZee’s tragically melodic beat (specifically the piano and pan flute sound) as the base for this track – it starts with CloZee and ends with Clozee. Much respect, Cloudchord. But it doesn’t take long for his style to take the stage, as he begins a guitar riff about 20 seconds into the song. Soon enough, you feel like you’re at the dopest Mario 64 party of all time, because whatever Cloudchord did, it sounds like you’re in the pipes trying to get the mushroom…Strong, powerful horns burst onto the track next, giving it an entirely new vibe. His ability to make the remix his own while incorporating highlights from the original makes me think this guy has got a very bright future in the game.

So. Wtf is Tuesday? Like I said above, let’s make Tuesday what we want it to be. What you want it to be. That’s what Cloudchord did.


After spending the first 11 years of his life overseas, Logan Meltzer aka Smogs, moved to the DMV in 2001 with nothing but a dream of becoming a professional rapping soccer star who could also dunk and do stand-up comedy. And while 100% of those dreams are still in progress, he gets to live a new one now by writing about music. Having graduated from Haverford College, where he DJ’d for OnCue, RDGRNGLD, 3LAU and others (shout out Philly!), Smogs moved to Washington D.C. to work in communications with non-profit organizations, before selling his soul to a Fortune 500. After escaping the succubus, a good friend and now-mentor encouraged Smogs to try his hand at music writing. And as the ol’ saying goes, the rest is happening now... Ride or die Washington sports (especially the Nationals). The Devil Wears Prada 4 lyfe. What fruit hates marriage? A cantaloupe (can’t-elope)

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