Conrad Clifton – Kylo

conrad clifton Kylo

The enigma of versatility, Conrad Clifton, is at is again with his new single, Kylo. The single carries an electrio-trap feel with vibrant synths and heavy percussion elements. The kick sounds like I’m getting a truck dropped on me, adding to the weight of the production. His heavy synth on top of a hip-hop beat meld electronic music with trap in a unique fashion. The synth design is in front of the hip-hop beat, giving the electronic elements the lead to shine, whereas in hip-hop, that’s saved for the vocals.

Conrad’s take on the track…

“Kylo” (short for Kylo Ren), could easily be theme music for Star Wars’ march of the First Order. The track seemingly stands over you like a lunchroom bully – but instead of pummeling you, gives you a hand up, as if to say “let’s fight together.”

This song is perfect for audiophiles, crushing your friends in a cypher, your set, pregames, synth modulation discussions, fencing, light saber battles, any robot war movie soundtrack, getting amped, using a flamethrower to burn your mallows, or any Instagram video of you saving the world.

Conrad Clifton’s previous release, Kneel Da Grass / Tight Son, had more of a house vibe. Conrad is known for his versatility in the electronic space, creating anything from hip-hop, trap, indie, latin, and dream synth oriented electronic music on his most recent album, Beautiful Tragedy.

The single was released off Infinity Pool Recordings.

I had the opportunity to interview Conrad a while back. Check it out and get to know the artist behind the music.


Chris Stack

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