Courtship – Perfect People


Just off the cool coasting breeze “Sunroof” had made, Courtship now releases their next single “Perfect People”. The fifth single this duo has served up all within a year. Eli and Micah the songful Los Angelinos have turned one random jam session into a flourishing new career. Forming a winning duo, Courtship writes and produces all of their own material. Begging to prove the talent that young people have and have had and will always have.

Landing a big break wth Snapchat and the apps new campaign, Courtship’s sunny west coast laid back vibe is leading these kids down the perfect path. And now with “Perfect People” they express the sometimes need or the desire to be perfect in an imperfect world. The track starts off with a sixties/Beatles sentiment that puts you in a retro groove but suddenly turns to Courtships signature upbeat and freeing type sound. An easy and luminous hook, “We’d give anything just to be perfect people” shine as Eli and Micha’s vocals chant. Picture Marsha Brady flipping her hair at the bottom of the stairs as this tune walks into your favorite indie alternative playlists.

Recently coming off the stage this past weekend at Social Hall in San Fransico Courtship has now got another show lined up for you. This Friday, June 23, 2017, Los Angeles will get the “Perfect People” treatment as Courtship brings their shimmer to Bootleg Theater. Viewing their fans as more like friends than fans, the fun, friendly and bubbly pair write music they love that ends up touching people in a positive way. When you get results such as those, everyone is happy and that’s the whole point of music to bring wonder! So go check out “Perfect People” give it a listen as you drive down the coast and you make your own real life sunny campaign.

Look for Courtship on the road this fall.

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