Danny Avila & The Vamps ft Machine Gun Kelly – Too Good To Be True

The Vamps too good to be true

I’ll admit, I was super skeptical when I saw this collaboration. Honestly, it’s not one I thought I would see, or would have even thought of. But it works. Danny Avila & The Vamps teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly for this new track, Too Good to be True. I am super stoked to be listening to another cross-country bop; Danny Avila is in Spain, The Vamps based out of the UK, and Machine Gun Kelly hails from Cleveland. Too Good to be True is a funky pop-EDM-rap hybrid that steps into unfrequented territory. It’s hard to seamlessly fuse three genres together when they are often only paired with one or the other of each other, (rap/pop songs, edm/rap songs, pop/rap songs). This is one dope super-swirly music milkshake, if you ask me.

I’ve followed both Machine Gun Kelly and The Vamps for quite some time; it’s awesome to see them on a track together. There’s an interesting vocal contrast throughout the song, making it easily get stuck in your head. Brad Simpson and James McVey of the Vamps have are very clean-cut, and it meshes nicely with the more rough-around-the-edges vibe of Machine Gun Kelly. Danny Avila takes a back seat, mostly making his appearance in transitional moments of the song. His electronic sound is used to introduce each bridge/chorus and verse. While Danny chose to focus on being producer rather than performer, he still has his time to shine throughout Machine Gun Kelly’s feature. The combination of the three artists on this track creates a dance track with moments to sing along, bop around, and catch your breath. Perfect combination, amirite?

I love seeing how much both The Vamps and Machine Gun Kelly have evolved into themselves over the last couple years. The Vamps are slowly venturing away from their very traditional pop-alternative band reputation. Since their debut, the Vamps have only collaborated with a few other artists: Demi Lovato (“Somebody to You,” 2014), Matoma (“All Night,” 2016), and Martin Jensen (“Middle of the Night,” 2017). Too Good to be True is new territory for the band. They have never collaborated with a rap artist, let alone with two artists for a track. Similarly, Machine Gun Kelly has slowly transitioned from the vibe he started his music career on. MGK burst into the scene with Interscope and Bad Boy Records because of the darker tone that his music took on and his ability to create honest and graceful “rap-rock” bangers. You can hear this tone more so in his earlier albums like Lace Up and General Admission. It’s cool hearing the quick evolution that has taken place since the release of “Bad Things” with Camila Cabello circa 2016.

Their opposite journeys – The Vamps moving into a less pop-music field and MGK moving into a more pop-music field – have brought them together by route of Danny Avila and Too Good to be True. This song gives Danny Avila the chance to showcase his production skills; he is able to merge two evolving artists to highlight their trademark sounds but also blend them together to create a song that gives the artists a chance to flex their new muscles.

You can listen to more from each artist on their Soundcloud channels, listed below:

Danny Avila

The Vamps

Machine Gun Kelly


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