Danrell & Alec King – Higher Road

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In my post yesterday, I preached – without permission – about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right person, place, job, and more. Unfortunately, I’ve still got the preachy feels and a song to go along.

Higher Road by Danrell and Alec King is one of the standout tracks on Morphine a five-track EP released on January 22, 2018. Danrell, a DJ and Producer from Sweden, and Alec King, a musician/vocalist from Colorado now living in LA, collaborated on this mystical and magical 18-minute transfusion of sounds and feelings, that, in my opinion, stands alone from anything I’ve yet to hear in 2018.

Higher Road starts with a simple piano progression, which sets the stage for the rest of the track. After 10 hauntingly beautiful seconds, Alec King hops onto the track with a wobbly and synthy base at his back (thanks, Danrell!). His voice and style is a perfect fit for the song. It might be a stretch, but I think he has a little of bit of that Drake sound in him. Danrell adds more to the beat as it begins its ascent to the chorus. Simultaneously, Alec King begins to auto-tune croon. The two artists are completely in-sync throughout this progression, and the song benefits from it. And then, they take us to that higher road. Danrell drops all he’s got on the beat, infusing multiple layers of synth, adding quick wonky stabs, and interlacing Alec King’s vocals, completely lifting the track to a whole other plain.

The world can be a tough place navigate, and life sometimes doesn’t work out the way you think or hope it will. Music can be an incredible mechanism for healing; it can make us feel good, when all we want to do is feel bad; it can make us feel happy, when all we want to do is feel sad; and it can take us higher than we thought we could go, when all we wanted to do before was go low. Always remember: take the high road. There will never be any shame in that.

Check out Morphine here: https://soundcloud.com/danrell/sets/morphine-ep

Danrell: https://soundcloud.com/danrell

Danrell Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danrellofficial/

Danrell Twitter: @danrell

Alec King: https://soundcloud.com/alecking13

Alec King Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alecking13/

Alec King Twitter: @AlecJacobKing


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