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Dark Model is the vehicle in which award-winning music producer Tatsuya Oe fuses electrically-charged, emotional, epic orchestral electronic music into his beat-oriented soundscapes.  Born in Hiroshima, Japan and now residing in New York, Dark Model will be Oe’s latest project.  Over the span of his twenty-year career, Oe has continued to evolve and diversify his background in music.  Under the monikers, Captain Funk, OE, and Dark Model, Oe has produced and released several hundred signature tracks, while also having completed remixes and collaborated with such artists such as James Brown, Serge Gainsbourg, Ron Sexsmith, Chic, Simon Lebon, and Yoshihide Otorno.

Dark Model’s first album, released in May, 2014, was nominated for the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs) in the Dance/Electronica Album category.  Oe’s music has been featured in numerous media outlets, from box office film trailers like Elysium, The Paperboy, and Money Monster, to advertising campaigns for Lexus, Verizon “Droid”, Xbox “Forza Motorsport 5,” and to a contemporary dance choreography by Northern Ballet.  Under this commercial success, Oe has been hailed by music critics and journalists alike, referring to him as the “Remix Wizard,” and the “Modern Renaissance Man.”

With this polished posterior and drive, Dark Model will be unleashing his second album, Saga.  This album will feature 13 high-energy tracks with massive electronic beats and overlaid with intricate works of symphonic finish.

This epic album starts out with Prelude, an operatic start that immediately dives into a dramatic stronghold with the heightened effect of symphonic elements layered in with energetic strings and the movements of electronic music.  The orchestral embellishment is definitely highly-strung, and with the ebb and flow of the symphony, there are moments where audiences will be left starry-eyed and mesmerized.

The following track, Avalon, is an electronic blend derived from the brooding depths of darkness; a provocative energy that seems to emanate directly from the center of the song.  The exciting atmosphere will draw listeners in.  The haunting undertones and marching band vibe definitely creates a lively ambiance.

The end-of-the-world themes on Rage and Redemption add a disparaging element to the range of electronica on the track.  The apocalyptic theme is heightened by a choral background that builds tension throughout.  A sense of urgency grows as the choral effects create a wartime feel salvaged from the marching band back beat.

The title track, Sagais filled with energetic strings in a tight and stirring production.  The orchestra epically depicts the intricate layers of the song over raging electronic beats and the enriching vibe of the percussion. Saga is a complex soundscape of extremely confrontational music with a strong EDM and trance feel.

The choral beginning of Inferno Suite will really get audiences into the vibe of the piece. The dramatic set-up, with its fast beats and tension build, gives way to a massive orchestral structure backed with electronic beats.  Though already heavily layered, the choral addition adds an enlightening aspect to the production.

The circling repetition of Labyrinth will attract listeners with its heavy layers, yet simple melodies.  Hypnotic strings lay the foundation to the dramatic storytelling.

The destructive Stormy Goddess starts off with a staccato beat backed with lively riffs.  Constructed with zero lyrics, the track upholds Oe’s emblem of highly atmospheric music. Action-filled and crowded with a layered sound, this tune will definitely rouse your spirits.

Danse Macabre begins with a strong techno energy, with an amped-up cadence that fits into the electronic grooves.  The chorus weaves in and out of the refrain, syncing with the electronic beats of the entire composition.

Oe’s elaborate affair continues in Elegy 1, a track that fits a piano melody and legions of lush and vibrant strings into a blend of staccato movements, the dreamy and haunting soundscape of Dawn of Resurrection, the experimental and operatic Rage and Redemption (No Choral Mix), the refined techno elements in Inferno Suite (No Choral Mix), and the ethereal, sweeping, fantastical elements in Danse Macabre (No Choral Mix).

Based on a concept that Oe has embraced throughout his career, the music of Dark Model incorporates a diverse range of musical ideas and elements into what he calls “musical narratives.”  The sensual and emotional Saga unfolds not just as a whole album form, but as one epic storyline of thematic, self-contained “suites”; a sequence of short musical dramas.


Oe’s compositions in Saga are a series of dazzling arrangements that create great ambiance-building, background filler.  These tracks are dense and compact, filled with a whole lot of airy, surreal, and ethereal elements.  Epic and powerful, these electronic mixes will take you on a journey underground and into the future.  Loaded with a hypnotic quality, Dark Model has fused together an electric compilation of tracks, combining elements of EDM, trance, orchestra movements, and operatic electronic music.

Oe speaks out on the album’s theme Unleash Your Inner Hero:  “I would like to let fans and listeners know I hope Dark Model’s music will be a kind of ‘motivated music’ for their daily life, by making them feel like a hero.”


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