Demi Lovato’s Process Of Releasing The Right Song

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Knowing when to release the right song at the right time.

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to stare into the creative soul of Jay Z and simply ask “Which song would you release?” The master of Hip Hop and all things connected isn’t going to put your steps on the wrong path. He knows the level of play on this present scene of music and no matter how many hits you’ve had before the connection he’s going to put down the vibes of direction.

DL: I’m just excited about this album finally being released.  I’ve been working on it for a year in a half now.

Direction from a higher ground

It was a totally cool experience for Demi Lovato who’s got a killer track out now titled Tell Me You Love Me.  But that wasn’t part of the early journey of releasing.

DL:  Everybody was telling me to go with Tell Me You Love Me but everything was pulling me away toward Sorry Not Sorry.  Jay Z said to go with Sorry because it’s more light hearted.  That’s all I needed was one approval.

The video that comes with it is beyond the norm. She dove into this project to hit some serious subjects and ways to deal with the situation.


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