Dillon Francis – Ven (ft. Arcangel & Quimico Ultra Mega)

Dillon Francis arcangel

It’s Friyaayyy and you know what that means? Another spiel about the weekend from Smogs!

The weekend always puts me in a good mood. When Friday night arrives, I can pretty much shake off anything that has happened during the week and live in the present…ok that’s enough 😉

With Ven, the first single off his upcoming and highly anticipated 2018 moombahton album, Dillon Francis (the 30 year old, LA born producer and DJ, and he of moombahton roots), returns to the sound that launched his career in 2010 with tracks like Masta Blasta and Que Que – the latter a collaboration with Diplo and the Latin popstar Maluca. Soon after, he released the Swashbuckler EP, and, as they say, the rest is history.

But, just as time has a habit of doing, Dillon Francis slowly drifted away from the Latin, moombahton sound and embraced the wobbly, heavy-hitting, stadium synth ear-hole busting beats that has inundated electronic music the last few years. However, after parting ways with Columbia Records in 2017, Dillon Francis is back baby! With the recent global success of songs like Despacito & Mi Gente and his contract issues behind him, there’s no better time than the present for Dillon to get back to his roots.

Featuring Puerto Rican songwriter Arcangel and Dominican rapper Quimico Ultra Mega, Ven does not disappoint and reminded a lot of Major Lazer. Heavy hip-hop influences and an almost swirly, spirally sound (hi-hat flurries) along with a Samba-perfect drum-beat gives this track the moombahton and Latin flair that makes you want to dance the night away. And we still haven’t talked about Arcangel and Quimico Ultra Mega, who spit hot Spanish fire throughout the entire banger. Now I don’t speak Spanish, and I don’t know what they are saying, but I like the way they’re saying it. And that’s good enough for me.

This is moombahton. This is Dillon Francis. The king is back. Long live the king.

“It started my career and I felt like doing something that was very roots-centric for me”

For more information on Dillon Francis, his social properties and his tour schedule, click HERE to check out his website.

Dillon Francis is also on rBeatzRadio, so click HERE to catch him


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