Drake – God’s Plan

drake god's plan

Drake’s new record God’s Plan is a song off his 2 track EP titled Scary Hours which released alongside his second track Diplomatic Immunity. God’s Plan is a feel good record which breaks down his expectations of what is to come in his future. Like on past records such as Fake Friends, Drake discusses his fears in not knowing who to trust on account of his super-stardom in the industry; constantly fearing who is trying to take advantage of his position. Before the song’s official release, it was leaked by @malakwastson on Instagram which forced Drake into releasing it himself. It was later thought to have featured rap artist “Trippie Redd,” but for unknown reasons, he never appeared on the record.

The Scary Hours EP is a small taste of what is to come from Drake in 2018; already alluding to more music on his 2017 record Do Not Disturb that released off his More Life Playlist in the first half of 2017. Moving into the spring season, expect another album from Drizzy that will sure to be the soundtrack of our summer 18. What do you expect from Drake on this next project? I’m a new writer on rBeatzRadioYou can talk to me about it by reaching me on Instagram @nick.visco.

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