Injury Reserve – Drive it Like it’s Stolen – Album Review

Drive it like it's stolen

It has not taken Injury Reserve long to shoot up from the house parties of Tempe, Arizona to touring the nation and playing thousand capacity venues and when they are putting out music like their most recent release Drive it Like it’s Stolen it is pretty easy to see why. From their first release back in 2014 Cooler Colors Injury Reserve has been getting better with every record, and they started at a pretty high level.

Their lyrics and concepts mature every year with the two M.C’s Ritchie with a T and Stepa J Groggs and their production has been through the roof since the beginning and Parker Corey only gets more precise with every new record. The group has an uncanny ability to mix the content and overall feeling of contemporary hip-hop with an old school smooth funky jazz sensibility.

On the record they are the sort band you can just chill out and vibe too, but live in person it’s hard not to dive headfirst into the moshpit when they are rocking the stage. Their newest release Drive it Like it’s Stolen does a really good job of showcasing both sides of Injury Reserve’s style.

Groggs and Ritchie come off as smooth as ever while still allowing all their attitude and swagger bleed through on each track. Drive it Like it’s Stolen and really Injury Reserve are what the game’s been missing. They are an absolutely perfect link between the lyricism of hip-hop music’s past and the bleak nihilistic landscape many of it’s biggest purveyors are bringing to its future.

With a barrage of incredible records and videos since they started releasing music in 2014 Injury Reserve is more than poised to blow, they are clearly the next up and a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Schaer-Moses

Jeff Moses is an experienced music journalist with more than 1,000 bylines under his belt nationwide. From the world's biggest rock stars to underground musicians living in your very own backyard he has interviewed them all with clarity and integrity. While some people think a great story needs a little journalistic spin, Jeff believes the best stories tend to tell themselves. For him covering big festivals is always big fun, but finding that band that is a diamond in the rough just itching to get their tunes out there is the greatest thrill in life.

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