dwilly – ADD feat. Emilia Ali

dwilly ADD

My GUY dwilly is back again with his new single, ADD, featuring Emilia Ali. The two have collaborated on a number of projects before, proving themselves as outstanding compliments. With Emilia’s smooth, pop vocals and dwilly’s percussively dynamic electro-pop creations, there sound together creates a harmony as fresh as those Super Bowl Tide Ads.

ADD is a song about the internal conflicts of attention-deficit disorder. As a young artist, dwilly is in a constant battle between focusing on the harsh realities of adulthood and allowing his “attention-deficit” brain to distract me from them. His music creation process is an embrace of his impulsivity.

More simply, ADD is a song about distractions in life. It’s about that internal struggle to commit in relationships or activities. It’s a love song with fears of the time love lasts.

dwilly recently moved to LA from Boston, where he studied at the Berklee College of Music. He created the lyric concept while in LA, then booked the recording session with Emilia when he was back in Boston. Emilia Ali was all about the song, relating to it’s message and emotionally sporadic narrative.

dwilly was classically trained in piano and orchestral drums since the age of 5. When he was 16, he found Protools and Ableton. Being trained in both those areas are a HUGE advantage when moving to a DAW, being able to understand and manipulate a wide array of melodies while still understanding what a good percussion arrangement feels like.


His previous release with Emilia Ali, Dreamland, was released on her debut EP. The single peaked at #24 on the iTunes Pop Chart and #10 on Spotify’s United States Viral 50 Chart.

I had the oportunity to interview the artist a while back, so….

Click HERE to read dwilly’s rBeatzRadio interview



Chris Stack

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