Indie | Early Hours – Into The Wilderness

LOVE this production – the transitions are fluid, and the vocals are easy going and mesmerizing. The vocal arrangement by the South African band, Early Hours, simply worked for us – it was a conversation and a beautiful entry into the chorus. We can imagine taking a road trip throughout the US with the windows down. So much so, we were inspired to create a “Road Trip” playlist. Only this song on it now, so feel free to send other’s if you were as inspired as we were on this one.

The chorus tag-line “One Taste’s A Myth” refers to the idea that once you have stepped out into the unknown, there is no going back. Their career. They are talented, as we think their myth is becoming a reality. The Twitter acclaimed, “First South African band in history with over 1 Million plays on Soundcloud.” We believe it. AMAZING!


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