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eternal hunger monster

Monster – Eternal Hunger

You know that feeling when you have your headphones in on public transportation or sitting in a car and you feel like you’re part of a critical plot twist in a movie or TV show? Don’t be embarrassed, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. Tbh, I find myself in a lala land where this happens regularly; and I’ve finally discovered the song that will play in the background of my life series. Let me introduce you to Monster by Eternal Hunger. This song is straight HYPE; I could totally see it being featured in some super hero movie soundtrack. Warner Bros, DC Comics, Marvel, where ever you are… I hope you’re paying attention! Maybe it’s the title of the song that first made me think of it, but it reminds me of Romans Revenge / Monster (the Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj one, to clarify) and it would be so dope to hear how Nicki Minaj would go in over this. Seems like a good idea, amiright???

What I like about Monster is that it’s very extravagant in a subtle way that took me by surprise. With a dash of hip-hop and a beat drop that hits you straight in the gut, Monster gives you enough energy to head bang with so much enthusiasm you may casually throw your back out. In all seriousness, this song is wicked. The combination of synthetics, heavy bass and special effect… noises… come together and form a dubstep jam that will surely shake the walls and most definitely piss of your neighbors if played past 9:00 PM (it would piss off my inner grandma, too). And while I tend to prefer songs that have more lyrics in them, the slew of genres and sounds that make their way into this song is more than enough to keep me engaged; “now we burn every track… I’m a monster… woop!” has me nooding in agreement than HELL YEAH, I AM a monster, and wondering where the bad guy is and how I’m going to kick his ass.

Eternal Hunger is “grilling orchestral music with trap, dubstep, drum & bass & glitch hop,” according to his Instagram and released Monster via Ninety9Lives. According to his artist website (which took a while to find, but good looks to Google), https://eternal-hunger.com/home, tour information will be announced in a little over a month. To see other artists working with Ninety9Lives, click HERE, and be sure to give them some love!


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