Exitpost x Noy Markel – Glimpse of U

Glimpse of U

Earlier today, Ken Herman, also known as Exitpost, released his latest single Glimpse of U, featuring New York City songstress Noy Markel. After releasing his debut LP Sweet Fade in 2014, which was heavily inspired by his trip to Japan and grandmother’s rather expansive record collection, he went on to release his EP Nami in 2016. Soon after that, he was touring across North America and Japan. After his tour, Exitpost jumped right back in to making music and preparing for his second EP – which is set for release sometime during 2018.

Glimpse Of U embraces the new wave sound of R&B while also including elements of electronic dance music. Even though the song is described as “downtempo”, the ever-present moments of chaos and excitement create a nice balance between the two elements. This perfect balance stems from Exitpost’s Japanese cultural experience. From a vocal standpoint, Noy Markel’s voice is rather alluring and captivating, leaving listeners sonically enchanted from start to finish.

If you haven’t yet checked out Exitpost’s previous body of works, you can find them here.  Be on the lookout for more music in 2018. Until then, catch a glimpse into the minds of New York City’s finest with Glimpse of U.





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