Fever Kids – Living in Fame

Σtella and Alex Z. are teaming up on a boy/girl project they are calling Fever Kids.  Formed in 2011, and based in Athens, Greece, the pop duo are bringing to audiences their mixture of pop and electro, with elements of new wave and disco.

Their brand new single, “Living in Fame,”  highlights many of these components, starting off with stirring strings and a lush choral background.  With a full-throttle, exciting sound, their music starts off quick and fast with an invigorating electronic backbeat that joins in later on.  The vocals surge within the gamut of the track with a raw kind of energy. The dreamy and hazy pop vocals are filled with fuzzy reverb and the rhythmic bass line that accompanies it is all entirely dance-worthy.

Their first official release in 2014 via Inner Ear was a 7” vinyl single that included the tracks, “Holding Glass” (A side) and “Peter, Debbie, Mary” (B side), that gained them critical acclaim and traction among blog outlets and garnered numerous radio airplay.  The crew is reinstating themselves in their latest offerings with “Living in Fame” (A side) and “Little Trip” (B side), through the 7” series “A Distant Victory Singles Club” via Inner Ear Records.

Their single “Living in Fame” offers an amped feel, covering distinct pop ground with its retro disco and new wave sound.  Recorded at Alex’s home studio in Athens, the single’s official release is July 3.


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