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floWmo My Beat

floWmo are two successful artists/producers/songwriters from Romania.  They’ve produced several number one hits in their home country. The duo also has international experience, with performances in The U.S., London and Sweden.  They’ve worked with several international songwriters who have collaborated with Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and the Pussycat Dolls.

My Beat is floWmo’s debut single that pushes for the unexpected. It is an eclectic track brimming with quirky, refreshing electronic beats and fresh, vibrant vocals. The music video is filmed inside a boy’s room as he formulates an idea to furnish his room with many fun things.  Movers show up and eventually fill his room with new additions, including musical instruments and a bed.  The boy invites his friends over and they join him in an all-out jam session.  The party gets out of hand and his parents reprimand him for letting the party get too loud, taking away his keyboard.  Everyone puts their heads together and they get a beat machine to replace the keyboard.  Problem solved and the party continues!

floWmo says, “We love music.  We put all out heart and good energy into this project.  floWmo is more than music, is a state of mind, with an unique vibe.  Our project is the result of 2 years of studio work and as we are releasing the first single now, we are already working on our first album.  My Beat is all about following your dreams, creating your own version of reality is up to you!”


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