French Horn Rebellion & Jody Watley – Just Werrrk

French horn Rebellion jody watley

French Horn Rebellion and Jody Watley released their single, Just Werrk, today. The brothers from Brooklyn pair up with this grammy award winning singer/songwriter to create a dance floor ready funk track. I found the hook to be quite unique with those distorted horn sounds I’ve never heard use in that way. French Horn Rebellion always surprises me with their productions. Each have it’s own unique sound, while still keeping with that nu disco dance-floor vibe.

This vibe makes me want to work, dance while working, groove, go back in time, look ahead to the future, clap my hands, stomp my feet, spin around a dance partner, start a dance circle, get in a conga line, a libo somehow breaks out, and get a drink because I’m physically exhausted of all that dancing.

Apparently this track has been in the works for a bit. FHR has used this track in their sets ever since they made the first version back in 2014. They have a DJ set and a live set. No biggie. The younger FHR brother, Robert Perlick-Molinari mentioned on Dancing Astronaut that they often get the crowd to pretend they’re lifting weights during the hook. Their live shows are super animated, so take a look below the song for their upcoming tour dates.


Fun fact! In 1987, Jody Watley won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, and in 2016, Billboard ranked her as the 21st most successful dance artists of ALL TIME. The lyrics remind me of what I’m thinking every time I go out: “Mr. DJ play my song, make me dance all night long.”

Listen to Just Werrrk by French Horn Rebellion and Jody Watley below.


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4/19 – Mulberry Tavern – Sheffield, UK w/ Patawawa
4/20 – The Camden Assembly Pub – London, UK w/ Patawawa, Lejon, Hebe and more
4/21 – The Eagle Inn, Manchester, UK w/ Patawawa

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