French Horn Rebellion – Presentation (prod. Champagne)


One of my favorite live bands right now is French Horn Rebellion. They’re a funky-electronic band with a more retro feel than some of your harder-hitting electro-funk acts. I say funky-electronic band over electr0-funk because they perform as a live band with electronic elements rather than a DJ with funky elements. They perform everything live and really know how to engage with the crowd. If you’re interested in seeing them on a bigger stage (you should be), you can catch them on August 20th at the Billboard Hot 100 Fest at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY.

Today, they came out with their new single, Presentation, a song about walking the line between “who you are” and “who you want to be” to find love. Your presentation is all you got, but should you always be 100% honest at the start of a relationship? Love is tricky, and some say this answer will never be found. Their song was premiered today by EARMILK, presenting themselves at a top level of music publishing.  One of the most interesting facts I got from the premiere was that the sounds (aside from vocals, bass, cowbell, and a synth solo) came from the French horn itself.

You read that right. Even the DRUMS were made from the French horn. That blew my mind. Kudos to the producer, Champagne, and anyone else involved in shaping those sounds.

The French Horn Rebellion duo, Robert and David Perlick-Molinari recently started their new label, YouTooCanWoo. We had a chance to interview Robert from French Horn Rebellion a while back. Click here to learn a bit more about the group!

Chris Stack

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