Futuristic – Blessings

Futuristic blessings-min

Life is a beautiful record which takes a deep dive into Futuristic’s world as he talks about topics ranging from success, lust, and his broken family; a result of his parent’s messy divorce. Dealing with these different issues over the years has crafted Futuristic into man he is and will become in the years to come. The light piano, which was produced by The Colleagues, blankets Futuristic’s smooth flows for an enjoyable listening experience. If you haven’t heard a Futuristic record before, this is a great place to start. The extreme vulnerability and honesty is refreshing in a genre plagued with superficial flash and commercial appeal.

Life is the first single off his 2017 album, Blessings, which features 10 original tracks and is a must listen for true hip-hop heads. If you decide to listen to the album in full, be prepared for a healthy mix of old school rap and modern flare which can be listened to both in the gym, or on a chill car ride.

What are your thoughts on Life? Is this single good enough to turn a new listener into a loyal fan? Life is available on all streaming services and an official music video can be found on The Buff Nerds YouTube Page. Talk to me about it! I’m a new writer on rBeatzRadio. You can chat with me on Instagram @nick.visco.

Nick Viscogliosi

First off, thank you for visiting my page; Its a pleasure to be here. Name is Nick Viscogliosi, but my friends call me Nick Visco. As you can probably tell my name is one that not many can pronounce, so "Visco" is easier on everyone. Music has always been an outlet for me. Weather it be listening, or writing; I have always used it to help express my feelings. Being able to write about some of my favorite songs on here is a joy, however, don't be surprised if I say something you may not agree with. Being that I am such a music head, I can often be very critical. That being said I hope that you all enjoy my content, my goal is to bring as much personality as I can to my pieces. If I ever have an opinion you may not like, express that to me in the comments below and lets have a conversation! Blessings, Nick

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