Gabriela – Trippin’ In A Spacesuit

Pop sensation Gabriela is originally from Miami, Fl, who relocated to Nashville, TN, where she started writing and producing for her brand new project.

On her newest endeavor, the songstress is releasing, Trippin’ In A Spacesuit, which has a great atmospheric feel to it.  The aerial, vibrant quality with ambient synths is titillating that will definitely fill audiences with a sense of wonder.  The haunting and yet powerful welling of sounds erupts from some bouncy beats and with an emotional aura.  Gabriela’s timing is just right, leaving listeners with an out of this world feeling.

This power pop track with its energized power-synths and amped feel will keep listeners awe-inspired and starry-eyed as audiences seamlessly reach for the stars with her track.

Trippin’ In A Spacesuit is released June 16th and is the first of 4 songs that Gabriela will be releasing.


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