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Ghasper mima review

Tired of basic future bass? Well, so am I. That’s why I was ecstatic after listening through Mima EP  by Ghasper.
Gary Clark Jr. aka Ghasper is a Las Vegas musician and producer. Gary’s grew up playing piano and guitar, drawing inspiration from jazz, heavy metal, and alternative rock. He eventually began learning how to produce electronic music. His debut single, Forgive Me, charted on Spotify at #4 Top Viral in the United States and #38 Top Viral Worldwide.
His next single, Turtle Ship, was signed to Trap Nation, and his next single, Brand, was being played in every Starbucks in North America. This momentum eventually lead Ghasper to his first label signing with Babygrande Records and has now brought him to releasing his Debut Mima EP.
I went ahead and listened through his EP, and I was super impressed. Click play on the Soundcloud embed and see what I thought about each song below!

Satellite is the lead single. It set’s up the expectations for the EP nicely with a hauntingly, experimental vibe that dives into bright, rolling future bass synths. The percussion has elements of dubstep with creative ad libs to add texture to the verses. The texture gets liquid towards the end which makes my skin pop.Forgive Me starts out a bit more uplifting, with fun vocal chops and synth stabs. The texture of the track grows, adding other vocal chop elements and an Asian flute to grow anticipation. The actual buildup transition sounds like something Kanye would do, especially with that distortion on those vocals. We are then reintroduced to those bouncy, bright synths.  “Please, look at me.” Those words repeat over and over again as the plight and ask of an artist.

Lonely Tuesday comes in with a hip hop beat (think Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hott). The ambient synths create a calming undertow. Then we get this Flume and Porter Robinson vibe with the synth taking on a very percussive role. Cheeky ad libs are included to add some bright fluff, adding elusive characters to bring out the clever space work.

Floating sounds like I’m floating right off the bat. It’s a super celestial ambiance that slowly rises into some hard trap style future bass with cheeky ad libs that remind me of Wave Racer. One of my favorite ad libs was the home run bat from Super Smash Bros. This song, again reminds me of arrangements done by Porter Robinson.

Mima makes me feel like I’m in Zelda at the intro. I’m then hit with wobbly horn sounds that move effortlessly like the waves of an ocean. The song moves into a hard hitting percussion with an uplifting synth melody, creating a nice contrast between happy and angry.Pipa plays off Mima, picking up from where Mima ended. The song moves a bit quicker than Mima, and ads an Asian string instrument for a different sounding vibe. The buildup is quick and the result is WOW. The percussion elements are STRONG in this one and the dynamic sonic elements create a very dancy chorus. The melody reminds me a bit of Flume’s Disclosure remix of You & Me.

Brazil comes in dark, with heavy sub bass sounds. The percussion sounds like someone knocking on the door, adding the songs mysteriousness. The drop comes in with a dynamic arpeggiated vocal sound that eludes chaos. I’m liking the story of mystery, chaos, and wonderment in this one. The percussion elements are super dynamic, showing off the artists percussion production techniques.

Luvn U is a bit more lighthearted, with two vocal characters having a conversation in the intro. The percussion elements are of a Jack-In-The box, creating a unique drum atmosphere. Then oscillating synths and space is added to the beat to create that dance vibe.

3AM (Bonus Track) is a fun vocal chop play with a super dynamic beat and unique high end percussion elements. One of my favorite sections is the space play at 0:51, using only vinyl sound as a pausing moment in the trap beat. Then the texture at around 1:30 is really impressive, bending synth elements to create super interesting sounds along with the beat.

A.D.D. (Bonus Track) comes in pretty happy with a Daft Punk-esque vocoder on the vocals. Then the drop, where the synths act as kick drums and change up their arrangement at each and every part. The beat is certainly A.D.D in this track, keeping with a similar tone throughout.

Changes (Bonus Track) is super ambient with strong, stacked synths. When the melody kicks in, it reminds me of a Marshmello melody: super happy and fun-loving. This vibe continues throughout the track. The drums tho, get a bit more dancy towards the end, giving the listener a bit more of a breakbeat from the longer synth notes. Starting at the three minute mark, there’s a beautiful piano bridge that brings orchestral strings and leads into a super happy and heavy drop.

Drugs Inc (Bonus Track) is a trap song with a super unique synth sound as it’s driving force. It’s a super high-end sounding synth, that misses the low-end on purpose, creating that contrast between the synth and kick drum that we love from trap.

Switch (Bonus Track) brings the choir that leads into asian strings that sound almost like keys. There’s a flute that comes in as well, giving the song a unique international beat that moves a LOT.

Pacific Coast Highway (Bonus Track) sounds like an old-school, hip hop beat, and it’s FIRE. It’s a perfect song for coasting along the Pacific Coast Highway. Love how he ended the EP with a fire hip-hop beat.

Ghasper – Mima EP Conclusion

Overall, I thought this EP was really special from someone listening for unique sounds in the electronic space. The storylines had intent and the percussive arrangements were super dynamic. This left the listener always wondering what would come next. Ghasper made light out of the unexpected, surprising listeners left and right with amazing space play amplified by catchy ad-libs.
Make sure you follow Ghasper on social media to follow his journey. I’m expecting big things from him this year.

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