GLO*dm Global Dance Music| Sapão feat. DJ Tom & DJ Shark :: A Resenha (Lyric Video)

This Song,  Takes your Inner Soul,  Your Gut,  Your Ears,  Your Eyes,  & All YOUR Sensors on a Journey into the Universal Language.  That lets us know  OUI  R   All The Same to begin with and End with.

The differences only rise up in the middle of the beginning and the end.    Sapeo Reaches Deep inside us with his Blessed Vocal Cords.   He puts you on that *FeelGood*  Musical Journey along with DJ Tom & DJ Shark.  Straight to that Unknown Place YOU KNOW you have ALWAYZZZZ Wanted explore……. So Come on and Take a ride on the Repeat Button with this Groove.  On a Black Stallion right into the desert sunset.

rBeatZRadio takes you on a journey around the World each Wednesday….

This an Opportunity for *YOU* to Broaden Your Musical Expression.   rBeatz.com’s Motive to the Madness is to offer  *YOU* a Wider View of Appreciation to Sounds You May not Have Ever heard before…..Then Bring these Cultures into

YourWorld of Creating Music, rBeatz. & OUI GLOBAL.

EDM can seem Narrow to someone who thinks as the Masses in the way of heavy Synth Pops till ya drop or @ least your ears do…

rBeatZRadio and *YOU* are Way Bigger than that.  And We are PROUD to be Graced with the Mezmorizing Sound of A Resenha by Sapao, DJ Tom, & DJ Shark to have to bring straight into YOUR STUDIO, HO– USE, AND HEART as an Inspiration into New & Old Sounds from around the Globe…

 rBeatZRadio.com is OUI Global,  Serving Each and Everyone of you…..   The hottest in GLO*dm….  Global Dance Music…….. That’s Right not EDM but GLO*dm.  A Resenha is the *Gold Standard*  of    Global Dance Music…………

Hit me up,  Squirrll for Any CommentZ or Q&A’z.  We would LOVE to know how this Groove left  *You*………..

Out Now on:::::::

OUÇA AQUI : http://bit.do/SpotifySapao
BAIXE AQUI: http://bit.do/itunessapao


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