Culoe De Song  is from South Africa. He started his music career in 2007, playing alongside another local act at the time, none other than Black Coffee.  Coffee knows talent when he sees it, and signed De Song to his label Soulistic Music. In 2010, the pair collaborated on the track 100 Zulu Warriors. 

Culoe has had many accomplishments, including being the youngest participant in the 2008  Red Bull Music Academy held in Barcelona, Spain.  In 2009, The Bright Forest was released as an EP on the German label,  Inner-visions. That release brought Culoe’s career to the international arena, and the rest is history.


The intro has some long legs. As smooth as the groove sets in, it creeps around and takes you to Heartbeat City. Culoe has killer skills in sound attack and decay, which moves you without you even having to move at all. Aftermath draws from a hidden picture game of  high hats which give it a sense of  nostalgia.  With a big round house dedicated Afrosymphonic Electro Sound….


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