Google Wishes Hip-Hop a Happy Birthday

Google Hip Hop

Bravo to Google for celebrating the birth of hip-hop in one of the coolest ways possible. The information and tech powerhouse rolled out one of their coolest homepages of all time today to let the world know about the integral contributions to hip-hop DJ Kool Herc made 44 years ago today.

Seminal New York M.C. Fab Five Freddy lends his voice to a short cartoon telling the story of how the legendary DJ created breaking at a 1973 back-to-school party. (Breaking means breaking up the song so the instrumentals play longer, allowing the crowd to dance the night away.) It was this innovation, along with a few others, that eventually led to what we call hip-hop music in contemporary society.

Right after the short video is where things get really neat though, as it transitions right into a tutorial for a DJ video game where you can choose from about a dozen well known early hip-hop and funk records to mix your own set.


Jeff Schaer-Moses

Jeff Moses is an experienced music journalist with more than 1,000 bylines under his belt nationwide. From the world's biggest rock stars to underground musicians living in your very own backyard he has interviewed them all with clarity and integrity. While some people think a great story needs a little journalistic spin, Jeff believes the best stories tend to tell themselves. For him covering big festivals is always big fun, but finding that band that is a diamond in the rough just itching to get their tunes out there is the greatest thrill in life.

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