Gramatik and Eric Krasno – Recovery

Gramatik Eric Krasno

The Slovenian quick witted electronic producer Gramatik teams up with the winning industry veteran Eric Krasno to harvest the downtempo dispensation, Recovery. A piano, brass, and string start, that shifts down into this echoey electronic soul/rock whirlwind that spins you into a stylish yet funky audio awe. You’re gonna need a minute to lay down and recover from Recovery. The dynamite electric guitar of Eric merging with the deep down grit from Gramatik knocks your socks off in a cool and sexy design. It might not be his latest single but it’s becoming an rBeatzRadio fav. When listening to music at the start of your day you should be using this song to accompany your bowl pull and your tackle at work. It has this wood element personality type of doing and getting things done that also propels this go getter spirit in you.

When you want good music, leave it to talented artists like these two. Denis Jasarevic, better known as Gramatik has a history of funked out tracks and out of this world fusions. His live sets dish a complete experience aimed to please the heartfelt love for music. A jam packed year full of performances for your music loving ears. Taking him across North America to Europe and awesomely ending in PUERTO RICO! Gramatik will have us recovering from his eclectic stylings. Eric Krasno the multi talented producer and musician has the roster and experience to not only aid but highlight this sweet subsidy.  His 2016 solo album Blood from a Stone carries the true essence of ROCK, an authoritative yet humble and honest performance on that album.

There is something more than just your normal new electronic hodgepodge to Recovery. A motor-driven elation and alluring core that cut through your epidermis and oozes its musical tentacles in. Now if that doesn’t happen to you when listening to music, you’re listening to the wrong shit. Out on Lowtemp Check out Recovery below!!

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