Gramercy Ft. Penguin Prison – Unbelievable Love

look back b&w chop 1

Anticipation and energy are the names of the game and Gramercy and Penguin Prison keep the energy going at a steady and even energy. Beautiful dynamics on the builds and club style lyrics make this a very safe bet for the clubs. Gramercy is a oriented, classically trained musician from Canada and currently based in New York City. The Producer/DJ formerly named Justin Davey, has racked up produced tracks for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Grammy winners Nicky Minaj, David Guetta, and Jason Derulo. Gramercy has also been commissioned for big time remixes under for Empire of the Sun, Emeli Sandé and Seeb (who has the 8th most streamed song in Spotify history).

Gramercy’s new music project includes making darker toned music. Released by Spinnin’ Deep, Unbelievable Lovehas a slightly moody yet uplifting disco house vibe similar to what you hear from Disclosure. There are elements of old school house that contain longer form builds with electric low-end synths, bringing that nostalgia element with a modern sound.

Penguin Prison on the vocals really harmonize well with Gramercy’s production. Penguin Prison’s more indie style vocals paired with Gramercy’s driving production could really bring something new to the table. Would love to see the two work together again! Fingers crossed

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