Happy Sometimes – Heartbreaker

heartbreaker happy sometimes

Happy Sometimes released Heartbreaker, a pop-ballad with a hauntingly, beautiful vocal arrangement. I can totally hear this on a bigger electro track. Her voice is raw, and the ambiance around her is celestial and dreamy. There’s a fair amount of emotion throughout the song. One of my favorite aspects is in the structure. There almost isn’t a complete hook on this. The song essentially builds and and goes back down. There’s a sense of excitement and immediately back down towards utter realization. It’s the emotional roller coaster between dreaming and reality. It fits in with her name, Happy Sometimes.

The song is about the difficult side of being the one to break up with someone. It’s going through the the thought process and emotional tole “hearbreaker better not cry.” As the one doing the breaking up, do you have to stay strong? I dono, love is complex, as shown through this project.

Listen to Heartbreaker by Happy Sometimes below.

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