Horizon Tour Off To A Good Start

Horizon Tour

I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend the first stop of Seven Lions, Tritonal, and Kill The Noise’s North America Horizon Tour at Brooklyn Hangar in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, New York, United States, North America, Planet Earth. Since it’s Halloween weekend, fans were dressed up in various costumes. As I was walking in, I saw a flock of Umpa Lumpa’s, Ash Ketchum with his Pikachu, Mario, a couple of dinosaurs here and there, an extra large maid, Avatars, and ravers (tho I don’t think these were necessarily halloween costumes). The Brooklyn Hangar is a great space for sound. It’s a big wear house with an outdoor space when you first walk in.  Since I am from New York City, this falls under the category of #LocalStuff.

We walked in just as Kill The Noise started his performance. I could tell it was Kill The Noise from the outside due to the ground shaking bass. I took an educated guess that it was the veteran bass DJ and producer from Rochester, New York.

Kill The Noise

Kill The Noise threw DOWN for his home state. Playing the heavy stuff right from the start, living on that I don’t give an F attitude with a storyline behind it. The headbangers were out early, as Jake Stanczak was encouraging middle fingers and a true bass head vibe. Below is a video of one of my favorite RL Grime edits of the popular Valentino Kahn song, Deep Down Low.

He gave a shoutout to his friend and popular DJ, Dillon Francis, by playing one of Dillon’s more satire-esque songs. This went along with the “I don’t give an F” attitude; however, still catering to the true bass heads in the crowd.

Kill The Noise would stop from time to time to thank the crowd for coming out. He even stopped to give a history lesson on rave culture in New York, citing the state for having the longest stating rave cultures in the United States. He wanted to make sure there were real bass heads out there, playing his Zomboy’s Like A Bitch remix. He even played a NEW song of his featuring Mat Zo that you’ll just have to follow KTN to find out what it is.

Towards the end of his wild set, he still had some time to kill, so he played a song that all true dubstep fans should know. Doctor P’s Tetris. I was in awe from both the historical significance and low end rumblings of the massive sound system.

It was a quick transition from KTN to Tritonals set.


We interviewed Tritonal on the brink of the the Horizon Tour. Click HERE to read the full interview. Tritonal’s set was a super high-energy melodic house set with the occasional riddim for the bass lovers out there. Chad would run around on stage from time to time, pumping up the crowd even further. Tritonians (Tritonal fans) were out in full force supporting the duo. Before entering the festival, I heard a boyfriend begging Will Call to sell them a ticket, “please! My girlfriend loves Tritonal so much, well pay anything to see them.”

They started the energy off high, and kept it fairly consistent throughout. Some of my favorite moments were when they played Hey MaMaMa, with a beautiful African sunset background, when they played their new single, Good Thing, and the confetti, which seemed perfect for their ambiance.

They also played an inspiring tribute to the victims of the natural disasters this year and the Las Vegas shooting. The video below is their remix of See You Again by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth.

They ended with Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso’s Calling which is a CLASSIC. It had everyone singing along, even to the synth parts which had no words.

This song still gets me every time – @tritonal last song on their #HorizonTour ??? in #NYC

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Tritonal Horizon Tour Tritonal Horizon Tour 2 Tritonal Horizon Tour 5 Tritonal Horizon Tour finale

A different vibe for sure; however, I quickly realized the genius in the lineup. With Kill The Noise’s heavy bass vibe followed with Tritonal’s melodic house and high-energy. The combination of the two sets in order were set up to illustrate Seven Lions dynamic nature.

Seven Lions

Again and again, Seven Lions continues to impress me. The DJ, Producer, and instrumentalist from Santa Barbara has been active in the music scene since 2010. What has impressed me the most from his arrangements were the eclectic genre and tempos that he’d put out. One drop would be future bass, the next would be dubstep, the one after that hardstyle, and the one after that electro house. His set consistently kept me on my toes, wondering which genre he’d go with next.

He started off with his single, Freesol.

Seven Lion’s graphics are always scenically beautiful. He’s quite the entertainer with his long hair, wafting at each and every drop, putting his fingers up in original Seven Lions fashion. Being front and center, I had the opportunity to catch up with members of his pride. They had nothing but overwhelming emotions for the shows that he puts on.

@sevenlionsmusic cushed it last night on the first stop of his Horizon Tour ???????

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I was waiting for the moment when he’d bring Kill The Noise back out to play their new single, Cold Hearted.

Seven Lions Horizon Tour Seven Lions Horizon Tour 2 Seven Lions Horizon Tour 3 Seven Lions Horizon Tour 4

Overall, I was impressed with the lineup put forward on the Horizon Tour. The musical lineup made sense, and I was never board of a single genre. They played a spectrum of EDM music, and I had a blast dancing, head-banging, shuffling, and boogying with all the creatures of the night.

Click here to purchase tickets to the Horizon Tour, hopefully, in a city near you.

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